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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Follow Us On Facebook!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that we're not going to use this website anymore. If you want to see news from us regarding our movies check us out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Birger-Pictures/322520534209

By the way, if I've not mentioned it here before; our name is now "Birger Pictures". Check out our new youtube page where we'll upload all new videos.

You can also watch all our old videos there since they're no longer accessible back at our old youtube-page.

Birger out. ;-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazyness Is A Virtue ... Isn't It? - Doh!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give you a quick update of what's been going on so far. Well, to be honest ... we've not done anything productive. xD

I'm focusing on trying to write dialog for all our scenes. We've put all scenes together now so we know how much we need to film at least. I've just not had the motivation,inspiration or right feeling to write. Between work and my driver-license lessons (yes, I'm finally going to take that damn license!) I only feel like to devote my time to playing games and simply being VERY LAZY. I know it sounds pretty bad, but it's the truth.

I'll do my best to get some writing done as soon as I get my "drive" back. ;)

I've assembled the film-team for a film-evening (no meeting, just chilling) next saturday. It'll be nice to see them all again, since I really haven't talked or seen them in quite awhile.

So that's all for now folks. Even though it might sound a bit grim when it comes to development right now, I assure that that the film WILL STILL BE FINISHED. I hate leave projects unfinished ... even though it may take some time to actually finish them. xD

Berra out.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crosses and Locations

Hey everyone! Today's meeting went really well! :) We've decided which locations we're going to use for the various scenes and planned a lot regarding a wooded cross that we're going to use for our movie. One of our members has a couple of friends that deal in wood-work and has showed their interest in making a wooden funeral-cross for one of our scenes. It's gonna be awesome! I've attached a sketch of how it's going to look in the right of this post. We're slowly getting there! :D

The only major thing left to do now is for me to continue writing dialog. Since the time one member and I went through all the scenes (as mentioned in my last post) I've finally managed to get all scenes in the right order as they are going to appear in the film. Now, as I just mentioned, the dialog for these scenes are the only thing left for us to fix before we can start filming. Yay! xD

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for next week's post! Yeah, we're having a film meeting next week as well! :D

Berra out.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turning Point

Hello everyone! This weekend's film-meeting was a positive turning point for sure! :D At first though it seemed like no one would actually come to the meeting BUT eventually a couple of us surfaced at least.

Earlier it's felt like we've hit a wall in the development-process of our film. I usally plan our meetings in detail but the latest meetings have felt kind of ... off. I haven't managed to come up with what we should do next, except for brain storming.

So, I decided to be honest to the people who made it to sunday's meeting and told them about these feelings. They felt kind of the same. We've kind of got "off-track" in development and focused a bit too much on just "brain storming" (coming up with too many ideas) and not doing any (well some) actual filming.

Together we decided that it'd be better to cut some of the ideas we've had for the script and instead make our movie a bit shorter, put more focus on the more important scenes and actually getting some filming done. We've set a goal to finish filming during this summer (good news for all of ya, huh?). :)

For our next project I'm not going to focus so much on brain-storming. Maybe for first meetings but then I'll do the rest of the script myself (since that's the process for real movies as well, only one usally writes it) and then focus on actually planning for filming.

That's all for now, folks! :)

Berra out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Responsibility of the Sun

Hey everyone. News-flash, News-flash!! Well, not that much to report from sunday's meeting.

We had our usual brain-storming (of course) but we also talked more about the chronological order of our scenes. I had written down most of the scenes before the we started so this meeting mostly focused on telling everyone what I had come up with.

I also handed out various responsibility-missions for people in our group. For example, one member is going to focus on coming up with funny dialog, a couple of others are going to focus on coming up with new scenes/ideas and another is going to focus on coming up with cool camera-angles.

After a couple of hours we decided to spend some time in the sun instead since sunday must've been one of the warmest days in Sweden so far. Some of us (me included) even took a bath in a local lake! AWESOME! :D

That's all for now. Seems like we might be having our next film-meeting this weekend. Mostly because we didn't get THAT much done this meeting ... XD

Berra out.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

N-O ... M-D

Hey there everyone! :D No film-meeting this weekend. Sorry folks. ;) Next film-meeting is set for sunday 6th of june instead since most people had other stuff to do.

Man, time sure flies by ... it's freakin' summer already! Vacation time is closing in ... only 5 more weeks left before MY vacation! :D Leaves a lot of time for film-work and gaming ... hopefully. :)

I hope you and your mother have had a great mother's day today! :)

(In case you're clueless about what this post's headline means: N-O = No. M-D = Mother's Day) Great, huh? XD

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movie Chronology

Hey everyone! Just had our latest film meeting. This time we had our usual brain-storming but we also focused on getting the various scenes together.

Earlier I've just written down the ideas and things we've come up with in one document. I have done this for each meeting. So ... as you might understand, things have gotten quite a bit disorginazied. Our latest mission is to remedy this and remember all of the scenes we've come up with and FINALLY put them in chronological order (the order they'll appear in the movie).

We also watched the 1995 movie "Castle Freak". It had a pretty classic concept. It took place in an old castle where an evil dutchess had been torturing her son for more than 40 years and kept him locked up in her dungeon. The bitch dies of a heart attack (thankfully) but the dutchess' relatives get to take over the old castle. And, well, the freak comes with the house! ;) I think it was pretty good.

That's all for now folks! :)

Berra out.